Summer Eve

So I broke my camera last month and I have yet to take it to the repair centre in England. :( I miss her already. So for the mean time I am using my sister's point and shoot camera. It's not so bad. It takes normal photos and I just use photoshop to colour them better. You know what they say, it's not always the most expensive cameras that take the most beautiful photos. It's about the photographer, the people in it, the message it conveys. Photos are a time capsule. It's nice to have a personal touch to it. So no matter what your camera is, don't lose hope. Just keep shooting and doing what you love and everything will be just fine. If you want photoshop actions/curves, just follow my blog as I will gradually be posting the ones I use on mine.

My baby girl and I having some ice cream with the Irish sun on our backs.

Sweet bubble tea! <3

My favourite girls in the world.

My sister and I outside our house.

Sandy, only the best dog ever! :D

Sandy and I after walking. We're pooped >.<

Self explanatory photo

Gabby on our backyard. <3
Beach essentials!

My dslr is broken at the present time so I borrowed this baby from my sister.

Jess x


  1. the kids are so cute and you, too <3 you make photos very interesting! :)


  2. sandy is adorable! I swear it is right, dogs and owners do have something in common also when it comes to their looks, i can tell by the pictures :)